GCVOTE / FAV Submission

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GCVOTE at Logging (FAV already supported)

GCVOTE any cache, any time?
FAV any cache, anytime?


you can only favorite a FOUND cache, not ANY cache. Not allowed.

GCVOTE will never be supported.


Why  won't  GCVOTE  be  supported?

it  provides  a  better  scale.


I explained it already on FB... but here again:

Cache GCD has 1693 finds, 782 Fav points or 46%!

GCVOTE has a whooping 10! votes... or 0.6%!

Who in their right mind would invest even 1 minute to implement this? It's an arbitrary 3rd party website that never caught on world wide. It's use is very local and very limited.

Not seeing how this system is useful.


While I agree with you that it won't be widely accepted/used, and I also don't see the point of implementing it. The cache GCD might be a bad example. That cache isn't good in any way, it's just old, and therefore don't deserve that many FP in my opinion. 10 "votes" is more realistic than 782 FP. :)

Still, it's a system that should have been closed down years ago in my opinion. It was ahead of time and it's long-term purpose turned out to be to have HQ implement FP on their site. A good outcome.

My two cents.

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