Not a bug

FTF Search on Live Map

DOC-WHO 2 years ago updated by GCDroid Support 2 years ago 3

I'm not sure how this works, or if it's a Bug

My test 1...
Live map GPS position shows me approx 300 km North of my current location, where I was yesterday. My GPS/4G is off, explaining why my location is wrong on map. The Live Map FTC Search correctly shows an unfound cache near that location.

Test 2...
Turned on GPS, Pressed icon to locate my position correctly, and repeated FTC Search knowing there are nearby unfound caches within 150 km. The results show the same unfound cache 300 km North Only, others are missing (no filters used).

Test 3...
Enabled 4G, repeated test and got same incorrect results. Hmmm

Under review

well the search is NOT around your location, it is around the center of the map, allowing me, while I am at home to look for FTFs anywhere in the world. So as long as the result is based around the center of the map it works.

On the other hand, running FTF from LIST is based on your location.

This is true for ALL the searches: from map it's always based on map center, list is around your location.

Please confirm that is what you see

OK, I've now realized that zooming  into the map and refreshing the Live Map with caches improves the results.

However im expecting to see Potential FTFs Only. This is not what I see.

Regarding  the  search  area,  is  it  worth  adding  a  small   crosshairs  to  map  denoting  search  center?

Not a bug

you need to run the FTF search from the either the live map with the correct area visible or from the list to get it around your location.

closing as it works as expected...