Night Vision

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This  was  feature  on  cachesense.
I  think  it  might only be possible on Android.
Turn the screen "red" by only using the red raster? Feature, for night use and sensitive eyes.


There isn't really a feature where one can turn everything into a fixed color in an app, HOWEVER most modern phones have night modes built in.


I guess it is an interesting theme. As the night modes only filter blue. But what doc who suggests is the for animals invisible and for the human eye not changing accommodation red light. That sounds interesting for night catchers. 

far away from priority one, but sure nice to have 


Theming is a PAIN! If there is a volunteer I MIGHT consider sharing my theme file with that person to change the colors, etc...

I doubt that I will find the time for it though. Most if not everyting COULD be themed.

Volunteers ;-) LOL

My  understanding  is  that  it's  not  a  theme,  it's  perhaps  a  hack,  only  utilizing  the  Red  Raster  for  screen  display.


Twilight is an app you can use for that.

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