Display User D/T Matrix

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The  Profile  page  would  contain  a  link  to  the  online  profile, as well as some quick stats such as profile image and finds.
A  new  Tab  would  Display  an  image  of  the  user's D/T Matrix, and it would be possible to press the matrix and goto the map view showing your choice  of D/T in a Filtered view.


I have no access to your found D/T grid really... this is where Project-GC comes in handy! You can ask their support to provide an API where I can easily get this data from them but for my end it would be replicating what they do which I don't want to and can't due to lack of information. We for example have over 30000 finds, no way I want GCDroid to fetch them ;-)

OK I see the issue.

is  it  possible  to  just  open  the  profile  page and  skip  down  to  the  matrix  section?


no there is not anchor and not every profile show the D/T matrix since the user can select if it is visible or not.

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