Show cachenames on map

DOC-WHO 2 years ago updated by GCDroid Support 2 years ago 3

This feature would display cachenames on the map. The  txt size would be a resizeable choice, and Very Long names shortened.
The ability to shorten is also a choice.

ie Stumped Cache Trail 01

ie 01 Flower Trail

ie A walk in the black forest region 001


Nope, does not fit into how I think a map should look like... I know one app that shows names and I think it's the worst idea ever. Sorry :-(

I  hoped  you  would  adopt  this,  it's  a  very  handy  visual  aid  on  the  map,  once  again  it's  a  visual  caching  preference.  I  like  many  are  very  map  oriented  in  our  use  of  caching  apps.   Whilst  GPS  unit  users  are  list  oriented.  Thanks  anyways.

I am map oriented, trust me... but to be honest 99.999% of all caches have meaningless names. So KNOWING the name means nothing. Your drive through a new city and see all these names, and then?

Sorry, I like my maps clean and most importantly FAST. Very sorry.

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