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add #findcount to log template

Carsten Vogt (glider74) 2 years ago updated by sernikk 1 year ago 8
Under review

Well this is an old topic.. simple reason why it's not implemented...

The big question is how to get this number right. GCDroid is NOT the only way to log a cache, or to add a Draft.

What is the findcound? User has 10 caches logged online and 2 find drafts pendig.

Then user logs a draft in GCDroid, then user log a real log in GCDroid. What should be #findcount in both cases?
What if the user the logs OUTSIDE of GCDroid? How would I know about it?

Looking for opinions...

The fact that GCDroid does NOT have full control over logging virtually guarantees upset users because they logged in a funny order and the numbers are off...

Even worse: new version of GCDroid will allow editing and deleting of Drafts!

What if you delete a draft? All Drafts that were already uploaded and happened after that delete one will now be off by one!
No way for GCDroid to know or even fix that!

While a nice idea I can see more complaints than praise coming my way for this topic....

Well been using cgeo with this feature for quite awhile ,  95% of the time i am live logging so  it does  what it should

the problem  does occur when I have bad cell reception  and have to save my log to be sent in later 

as long as i remember  to  send them in the order  that I did them and before i do any  more live logging all is good

the odd time I do get messed up  and they do get our of order,  not really a big issue  unless it's a milestone cache 

If you are logging in order of finding the cache   you wont have any issues,   if you dont you might not want to use this feature

agreed. Except for pending drafts created outside of GCDroid.

just weary to add it in and get more complaints than praise for it.

it's very easy to add. But very hard to do it right.


people have to know if your logging outside the app , then it could throw your count off 

same as logging out of order  .. if people are doing this  then dont use the feature

i would like to see this feature too.

i would also like to see some other tags like cache type, cache owner, log snippets, etc similar to some of the other apps.


There are some tags already.


I also request to add this feature. I have cached exclusively with gdak the last couple of years and use the find count feature from there for each log with minimal issues. I am testing this app and really love the interface, but am not sure I want to give up that find count logging ability. I may switch anyway as it isn't necessarily a deal breaker, but that is my biggest hold up as I play around with this app. 


I was using this feature in c:geo and was logging offline, so my foundcounter was still at eg. 1234 in each fieldnote. I changed it then at home adding +1 on each log.

Is there any possibility to have a counter which takes your current number of finds (for example 1000), then adds +1 - so the fieldnote has 1001, and then basing on saved fieldnotes increases the number while logging any other fieldnote? So logging the next cache will give me the possibility to have it automaticaly set to 1002 so I don't have to do it at home later.
That would be a really amazing feature.

And btw. a #findcounter same as working c:geo would be fine too. I think GCDroid Support wants to eliminate all possible cases which may interrupt the counter, but that is not needed in my opinion. People using the app and its features are aware of many problems which may occur.