Transfer from (old wishlist): download spoiler pictures when refreshing all data

Carsten Vogt (glider74) 2 years ago updated by GCDroid Support 1 year ago 7

I really dislike the name spoiler pictures. It's only c:geo that calls it that right? It hints to that the pictures should be spoiling things, which they really shouldn't, at least not those from logs, and there is no guarantee any other picture is a spoiler either.

Under review

agreed, if ever implemented it will not be called spoiler pictures :-)

Dieser request ist meinem aktuellen Vorschlag zum Download von Bildern sehr ähnlich

But it should be optional, not always all pictures download on data refresh. To much traffic ...

Think its done and we can close here.
All Listing pictures, incuding "Spoilers" are now shown, under the Tab Images.


didn't even do anything... Maybe new API