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Combine Live map and Offline map

magma1447 2 years ago updated by Jürgen Kimmel 2 years ago 5

I don't see any real reason (besides technical) for the user to have one Offline map and one Live map. In C:geo you choose a database and then you can turn on Live on the "offline map" as well. The offline stored geocaches have a visual indicator of this.

I would like a similar behavior in GCDroid, using one map only. Most of the time when traveling we work from an offline list/database produced from Project-GC (a GPX). In many cases logging one of those geocaches requires quite a walk. It would then be nice to on the same map, load whatever geocaches we actually are walking past, so that we can log these on our way. Today it's a lot of flipping between maps.

I therefore suggest that the "Live-button" is added to the Offline maps as well. I would prefer it with three states actually:

* Live enabled (loading caches, just as Live map works)

* Live disabled (not loading caches, just as Live map works when button is disabled)

* Live caches hidden (don't show the live caches, to reduce the noice, they are still kept in the live sqlite database)

Under review

I always wanted to change how this works. I'll think about what I can do and how I would do it.

This would be solved with multiple DBs open at the same time (one of them the live DB).

Having  an  offline  map  is  very  important  to  me.   It  seems  everywhere  I  travel  there  is  no   mobile  reception.  I  am  always  switching  to  offline  maps  because  googlemaps  won't  load.  I  also  use  other  contour  maps  when   planning  remote  cache  navigation.


I think you misunderstood... this is about offline cache data vs live cache data :-)

I like this idea. 

In a view other apps like C:geo, Locus, Cachebox, CacheSense (retired) this was implemented and works great. Standart there was the offline map and the only is started when clicking on a button. Then you have both, offline and live view.

I think there was an extra database for the livemap, that was shown, when active.


Maybe new caches that was loaded from livemap you can display in another color. So you can see directly what is new.