Improved Share corrected coordinates/waypoint

magma1447 2 years ago updated by GCDroid Support 2 years ago 1

Today one can share Waypoints or corrected coordinates as a chat message which can be sent via Instant message or Email for example. I love this and use it quite a lot. My girlfriend go on quite a few geocaching trips and sometimes we head for some mystery or similar that only one of us have solved. We can then send the Final coordinate via Whatsapp to each other.

What would make it smoother was if there was a manifest link that was clickable which GCDroid understood. I don't know how it works exactly technically, but I am thinking exactly like http://coord.info/GCXXXX will trigger GCDroid, and it understands the link. My thought is having a clickable link like gcdroid://cachewaypoint/GCXXXX/55.31234,13.4433 for example.

I hope it makes sense what I am after.


I like that idea :-) and yes what you propose is almost workable.