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Submit any waypoint as Corrected coordinate via the API

magma1447 2 years ago updated by GCDroid Support 2 years ago 3

When doing a Multi or other geocache with multiple steps I usually add a new waypoint for each step. Seldom do I know when it was the last step and my final waypoint in GCDroid could then be named something like "step 7".

I then want to save that Final to  Geocaching.com for future use, to see cache collisions for example. As it works today, I need to read the coordinates from my last waypoint, edit the "original" and add them there, and submit online.

I would like to be able to push any waypoint to Geocaching.com as corrected coordinates to simplify this flow.

Under review

new beta allows copying of coordinates from any waypoint. and editing wpt allows freeform entry where that exact copied text can be pasted.

allowing what you request would be a bigger impact on the flow within GCDroid so it might not happen. I might allow storing any wpt online though (not as corrected).

I think with the copy paste it could be a compromise?

The copy/paste is definitely a mid-way solution. It makes it (a lot) better than today, but still not as great as suggested. But you know the code behind it better, and therefore you know better how messy it would be to implement.


I'll see how I can improve the workflow while still only allowing corrected coords the stored online from the main wpt.