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Map icon focus

magma1447 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

When clicking the map icon from the cache info page, I  would like it to center the map on that icon and not on where I were last on the Map.

Reproduction example:

1) Open Live map.

2) Click a cache icon.

3) Scroll away so that it's not on the map anymore.

4) Click the Info button in the short cache details.

5) Click the map button bottom right.

6) The cache is still outside the map, which isn't expected (by me).

Under review

that is something where I always debate with myself what I want...

let's see what votes it gets but a simple quick fix is to tap on the cache icon (bottom right on map) and select center on cache.

it allows you to get there with 2 extra clicks but does not do anything automatically.



That's what I am doing every time it happens. It's just an annoyance (for me). But I understand that it's a bit of a personal preference. There might even be cases where I would dislike my own suggestion after it (hypothetically) has been implemented. But I am not aware of that I like it as it is now. :) But I definitely can see why both could be preferred.