Option to purge unused cached map tiles

magma1447 2 years ago updated by GCDroid Support 2 years ago 5

I really love that GCDroid caches map tiles. I currently have over 3 GB of map tiles cached in my phone, which is quite a lot.

The downside is of course the size of the data. I would suggest saving a timestamp of when each tile was last used, and an option to (automatically, or manually) remove tiles not accessed in X days. I figure X would be useful as anything between 30 and 500 days.

Under review

yeah I like that idea :-) And I think I already have a timestamp.

Let's say 90 days sounds reasonable? Or 60?

Guess anything beyond that means you're not using the data and it can be purged.

There are many places I don't visit that often, but still like to have (data-)cached, not the least because there are worse LTE coverage than normal. If I had the option to set the number of days in Settings, I would probably set it to 200-500 somewhere to be honest. But I don't really have issues with storage in my phone either, probably worse for some others.


Well once implemented, why not make it an option to set the days :-) Problem solved...

You could even consider to have that setting per Tileserver. Not sure it's useful, but something to consider for a few minutes. :)


yes, that is where I would add it anyways since I store a bunch of server specifics already. easy to add caching time.