GPS Averaging

magma1447 2 years ago updated by GCDroid Support 11 months ago 4

There are at least two applications on Google Play for GPS Averaging. I use one called “GPS Averaging. The other one is called “Geocache placer” or something similar.

It would be a nice bonus to have such feature built into GCDroid in
the main menu, just as you have the flashlight. One could then chose
to save it as an independent waypoint  (https://gcdroid.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/35-create-independent-waypoints).

This could also be used as an improved alternative to the GPS button when creating new, or editing, waypoints.


yes something like that is planned (adding blank new cache, adding averaged wpts, etc).

A  "cache-builder"  would  be  a  great  feature.  initially  GZ/WPs  is  all  that's needed.

But  I'd  like  to  add  that   GZ  location  is  often  blocked  by  areas  such  as  National  Parks,  thus  it  would  be  great  to  be  able  to  load  Map  Overlays  from  a  file  browse,  and  turn  them  on/off.

Add independ waypoint an average waypoint are available.So its done