Add and remove caches from database from the map

magma1447 2 years ago updated by GCDroid Support 2 years ago 3

From the maps, I would like to be able to both add and remove geocaches from the offline lists.

Add to list could be accessible both from the Live map but also on the Offline map if the users wants to add a specific geocache to another DB. Remove is probably only usable from Offline maps.

Typical use case is that a group of geocachers are working from a pre-built list of geocaches to log. Then during the trip, they find something interesting on the map and decide to add it into their planning. They then want to add it into the list.

A use case for removing could be that one hadn't realized a geocache needed boat for example, and since they don't have a boat in this case, they want to remove it from the list so they don't accidentally drive there after forgetting that it was boat required.

Under review

with offline list you mean what? the databases?

there are a few new options to edit the database content in the new beta but mainly from the list view itself.

I certainly can add that to the map view (like deleting cache from database or copy to different one)

Yes, I meant the databases as they are called in GCDroid. Sorry for not using the correct words to make it clearer.


They are called databases because they are actually databases :-) Just like in GSAK (sqlite).