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Manfred 1 year ago updated by GCDroid Support 11 months ago 1
I had the same problem some weeks ago and a friend of mine some days ago.

Tim Jackson

1. Juni

I encountered an issue today...

I was caching in a somewhat remote area with no cell reception. I had offline data so I was fine. Then the app stopped working with an error message that looked like it was trying to connect to a login page. Reseting the app brought it right back to that page too. When I got back to wifi it wanted be to login again (to refresh a token?) and then it was fine.

I understand how the app needs to check in and refresh the token, but is there a way to his can be scheduled or controlled?


quick explanation: I know at least one app constantly gets a new token, waaaay too often. GCDroid will get a new token when the old one is no longer valid.

there is not really much choice here. GCDroid will not show anything when it fetches a new token. It will silently do that in the background since no user interaction is needed for this.

The only time when the login page will show is when you change your password since that will likely invalidate the token completely.

Closing this for now. If there is ever a case like that again, please provide a screenshot and some more details.