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Filter on attributes

Ralf 1 year ago updated by Brian Lang 3 months ago 12

Attributes are important info about caches and it should be possible to filter caches based on these. Both positive and negative attributes should be considered. And it should also be possible to filter based on their presence or not.

1. Show all caches with "tree climbing" attribute

2. Show all caches with "not tree climbing" attribute

3. Show all caches without "tree climbing" attribute

4. Show all caches without "not tree climbing" attribute

Das fehlt mit tatsächlich auch öfters zum filtern. 

finde ich auch super. da ist dann aber ganz schön viel zu klicken. :) 

Under review

lange liste ;-)

Da braucht es definitiv den Button "alle ein / aus" und "Alle umkehren" :)


Solche umfangreichen Filterfunktionen sehe ich nicht in der App gut aufgehoben sondern weiter in der Erstellung von PQ am PC. diese PQ kann dann sehr einfach mit der App importiert werden.

I don't know what others normally do, but I never take my PC with me and generate pocket queries out in the field. That is too much trouble for me.

There  is  a   PQ  APP  in  the    Play  Store.

Das ist wirklich viel zum klicken. Könnte man das vielleicht in Kategorien zusammenfassen? Also NC oder generell Klettern, Wasser (Boot, tauchen...)? Dann ist die Auswahl Caches in der Datenbank schon mal eingeschränkt.

Perhaps it is much, but still it is solved nice and simple in other apps

Of course, I do not take my PC in the field. :-)

 But I prepare my tours either on the PC and fill the app with the generated PQ. At Attibute, I do not only pay attention when I am at the cache, but I also prepare myself before the tour, because I already have to know at home if I have to pack a boat.


There are apparently different ways of doing this. I hardly do any planning on my computer. I generate a huge gpx file for a large area and use this on my phone for a week or two. All planning is done on my phone.

I would love this feature.