Delete Independent Waypoint

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Needs  Deletion  option.



long press on user wpt in cache list to delete, like other caches


long press on user wpt in cache list to delete, like other caches

i  don't  see  the  waypoint  in  the  cache  list.

I'm now 1000 km away from my user created waypoints I want to delete.

There  should  be  an  easy  way  to  do  this.

Use the filter function to find it.

I'm sorry, but that's about a dozen Clicks to find, isolate, and filter the cache list, just to delete a user waypoint.

It  should  be  much  easier.

If a long press on the map did offer deletion options it would be ideal. This would also work for deleting any cache in it's associated database.

Also,  I  thought  that  our  user  created  waypoints  would  be  stored  in  a  database  we  could  access  like  all  others  (note  live db is  not  listed). 

Waypoints are current simply added to the ACTIVE database. NOT to the live db. Well live db if you have it active ;-)

Waypoints are simply user created caches. Not more. Not less. As such they will not get any special treatment.

You can delete caches from the list easily....

Could we have it reworded then?



It  should  stop  any  questions  of  where  they  are  for  new  users.

I can honestly see a future problem where user created waypoints get lost  and  forgotten  about,  for  without  a  dedicated  database,  they  are  "all  over  the  world".

As  a  short  term  management   I  can  copy  them  to  a   New  Database  ie  My  Waypoints

But  until  multiple  databases  on  map  are  supported, I will end up with duplicates (only copy waypoint is supported so far), and/or a shortfall of not seeing my user waypoints at the same time as Live Map/Offline Map.

I'm glad your the programmer! :D