Offline map switching

DOC-WHO 1 year ago updated by GCDroid Support 1 year ago 3

When  choosing a different offline map its not apparent onscreen that this has been done.
ie I'm going on a cruuse soon, and passing different countries, so I've downloaded some other country maps.
The  onscreen map/country/state doesn't update to the new global position relating to offline maps. It can be confusing if   your still looking at the wrong map onscreen, as the map tiles do not update, yet caches still do.
It would be intuitive that the map moves to the new offline map area/country/state.
Under review

not sure I fully understand your request

When  I  choose  a  different  map  could  GCDroid  center  on  the  Country,  or  centre  on  the  last  cache  viewed  in  that country.?

This  would  be  handy  for  countries  that  are  close  together,  mostly.  But  I  still  got  confused  when  "Australia"  map  went  blank  and  wouldn't  load..... I  had  New  Caledonia  offline  map  selected.


This is not that easy and not always expected. When I cross a state border and select another map I do NOT want the map to zoom. I am where I want to be on the map, I simply ran out of the map and switch it. Never a fan of all these automatic things. Too many would complain about it.

Also, GCDroid now shows what map is selected with a little icon next to it.