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Ignore List Hide Filter

Jim 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 8

Caches in my ignore list are being displayed on the map. Can a filter be added to hide these from display on map and maybe even list.

Under review

thanks, I need to look at that.

I have never seen a cache from my ignore list, on the Live map.

Maybe it was a false alarm and an offline db was used, where caches from the ignore list were included.

Caches that are ignored are not loaded by default...

Only when you run the hide search which is on purpose there.

When is it loading them for you?

I have several caches that display the red circle with diagonal line when viewed in the list. They display on the live map even though they are in the ignore list. When selected on the map and the Info tab active, the red circle is missing.
I can submit a screen copy later if necessary.

yeah send me what you can via email

First shot indicates that "The KB Circle Challenge" is in the ignore list.

Second shot is missing the red ignore circle and displays the cache on the live map. 

BTW. The filter is to ignore found caches.