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Compass Page Bug

kohldad 1 year ago updated by DOC-WHO 1 year ago 5

When I first open the compass page in portrait, I get this screen:

I then rotate the phone to landscape and the screen changes to this as expected:

The problem is when I go back to portrait, the screen changes to this instead of the original screen.  This occurs every time without the sceen being turned off or changing apps.  The only way to restore the first screen is to close the app and restart.

If I start the compass page in landscape I get the second screen and when I go to portrait get the third screen. 

Version information:

GCDroid-Version: GCDroid V2.0.0-RC5 (279)
Android SDK: 6.0.1 (23)
Caching-Name: kohldad
Device: KLTEVZW 

*Note: Also does the same thing with RC8.

Under review

thanks for the detailed report.

still puzzled! I investigate more.

This  doesn't  happen  on  my  Samsung  Galaxy  Note  4.

Which version of Android are you running?

only happens for one user so far...