Trackable "Auto-Visit"

Gintaras Stalauskas 1 year ago updated by GCDroid Support 1 year ago 3

I would like to be able to automatically select any of the TBs or coins in my inventory to visit each cache I find. It would be great if GCDroid could have this feature.


thank you, I will add that to my list


@Gintaras Stalauskas sorry I made you create the post not remembering there was already one.

This https://gcdroid.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/22-setting-for-logs-trackable-visited is the same (just in German).

Since the other one already has a bunch of +1 I will close this one as declined (not meaning I won't do it!). 

Give the other a +1 to indicate you want that. Topics with the most votes will be done first.