Online cache note disappears

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I  made  an  online  cache  note  within  gcdroid.
when  I refreshed all cache details on map, the online cache note disappeared in gcdroid, reappearing when I opened the cache page to check.
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disappeared from where? you can only see it on the cache details view.

not sure I understand. screenshots?

Refresh  cache  overvue  page  restores  the  online  cache  note

sorry I really don't get it.

can you please provide the exact steps describing what you are doing and what you would expect vs what you see. ideally with screenshots.

Guess it's the same issue, that we already had with my feeback, GCDroid Support:

You make an online Note in the logs section. Weh you open the cache again the Logs section is empty. 
So here:

DOC-WHO: There is a solution: Switch the tab and klick on "Refresh" there. hen they come back.

I'm having trouble reproducing this bug, but it just happened again. Here's 2 screen shots as proof, not seen it happen on a different cache.

Is  the  cache  note  parsed  in  any  way,  like  shortened  for  the  Log  Tab  display?

well my big question is...

you started with screenshot #1 that has the note...

what did you do next? what screen did you open, what menu did you use?

then you arrived at #2 with missing note.

clearly that should NOT be the case. But I am missing what you did between #1 and #2

To make it easier, contact me via email directly and we can troubleshoot it....

I asked that question to myself. I can't reproduce it either, but have the same issue. 

Maybe when relocating the map, refreshing the cashes there (so that the one with the note is cleared from the map) and then getting back to this cache. 


Yes, that's an issue I had too. Change the Tab (eg. to overview) and click on "refresh cache" (the circle icon). Then the notes are here again.

TY Christoph, thought i was going mad...

I'm not sure what is triggering the non display of the online cache note, I can't seem to make it happen. Here is what I was doing...

-I  had  entered  a  online  cache  note,  saved.

-Then  went  to  create  a  new  waypoint.

-clicked  waypoint  map  link.

-Here's where another Bug shows up. That being the waypoint on the map doesn't refresh. So I have to click on a different cache, press Goto, then select the original cache, and   Goto, now my updated Waypoint is shown correctly on the map.

Returning  to  Logs,  the  cache  note  has  disappeared.  Refresh  details  brings  it  back.

This  is  just  one  example  where  I  triggered  the  Bug,  I  haven't  been  able  to  reproduce  it,  but  this  circle  of  events  is  where  the Bug  occurs.

Can be closed, problem is solved with V2.0.4-RC1.
Same problem was discussed at Facebook.