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This  error  comes  up  when clicking links in cache description.
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then u don't have the needed app installed...


its  just  a  facebook  url


GC1AA8 - #17 Down The River

Sent via GCDroid V2.0.0-RC1.

offers browser for me and opens...

is a phone issue...

GCDroid passes links of to the system. Never handled internally.

hmm  I  ll  try  a  reboot

no  luck  after  rebooting  phone

Samsung  Galaxy  Note4

Under review

the link is not parsed properly. how did you import/load the cache?

what if you refresh it?

did you import via GPX? bookmark list? via external link? map search?

knowing that might help to see if there is an issue.

I searched for GC and cache loaded just fine and links work. 

which android version do you have?

the conversion to links uses android internal functions, maybe something fishy there?

could you dropbox me the database that has that cache? that way I can see if there is anything going on with the data.

i  opened  this  cache  from  a  facebook  link  originally.

ive  just  refreshed  the  cache  details  and  noticed  the  description  now  contains  shorter  URL  versions  of  the  links  and  they  work.

Trying  to  find  my  original  link  I  followed...

Not a bug

Guess we will never know what happened ;-)

Closing as no issue.

Mystery,  can't  duplicate  it.