Choose a WP direct from map

Michael Bromberg 1 year ago updated by GCDroid Support 11 months ago 4

In GDAK it is possible to create a waypoint directly from the map by using navigation arrowa and a center point in the middel. Would that be possible? Somtimes one only has a geographical informwation instead of coordinates.

Under review

I like the idea, will think about options for a future release

Its done, can be closed.

The feature works fine. Would it be possible to choose if the new waypoint either will be added to the database as an independend waypoint (as it is now) or to add it to the current cache, if using this feature from there?

So it would be possible to add a "visual" waypoint as next stage or final in mulit caches.


@Michael I converted your last comment into a new idea.

Closing this one since it's done