Default log type for event cache "Will Attend"

Jordan Judt 1 year ago updated by GCDroid Support 1 year ago 3

When logging an event, currently the default log type is "Attended", even if the event date is in the future. I am proposing that the default log type be "Will Attend" if the event is in the future, or "Attended" if the event date is the current date or later. This will help prevent accidental "Attended" logs from being submitted.

Under review

I like the idea. I will replace DNF for events with Will Attend.

Not sure if I should switch order based on date though, might confuse people?


I think switching the order based on the date is a) confusing and b) currently harder to implement since the code that shows the dialog does not know the event date (was never needed to be known).

For that reason I decided on this order.

Implemented, closing.