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Google Translate on logs and cache description

magma1447 2 years ago updated by Roger Nordin 2 years ago 7

I geocache quite a lot in other countries, mostly in Denmark and Germany, besides my home country Sweden then. Since I don't really speak German there is a lot of guessing and translations. The flow today is to "open in browser" from the app, if lucky, Chrome suggests to translate. If not, I have to mark the blob, copy that, paste into the Translate app and then finally I am where I want to be.

Therefore I propose to add an option to (Google) translate the cache description and log texts. C:geo has this feature. I would be happy enough with 1-2 clicks for cache description and 1-2 clicks per log entry.

I assume Google Translate is free to use for Android apps just like Google Maps is.

Under review

Nope, don't think it is free.... I wish :-(


Not sure what service they are using in cgeo though but I will check

Oh, I was sure it was free. Maybe it was a few years ago, or else I was just falsely informed. I can't find anything that confirms that it should have been free either.

Actually weird since they have their "tap to translate" concept. When marking text the operating system should add some floating icon to help translate. That requires the text to be selectable though, I guess the HTML view works for the description, though not as smooth as it could have been.

To bad if it isn't free, would have been a great feature. Very competitive against other products.

Indeed.... will investigate options

I guess I SHOULD have known lol... cgeo scrapes the translate.google.com website ;-) Guess one way of doing it...

That's actually a bit bold.

Guess one would have to review the terms... if it is allowed (somehow I doubt since google offers a paid service) it's something I would be ok with doing. Otherwise not...

Code snippet:

* Utilities used for translating
public final class TranslationUtils {

private static final String TRANSLATION_WEBSITE = "https://translate.google.com/m/translate";
private static final String TRANSLATION_FORCE_CLASSIC_MODE = "?vi=c";
private static final String TRANSLATION_AUTO_SELECT = "#auto";
private static final String TRANSLATION_FIELD_SEPARATOR = "|";

private static final int TRANSLATION_TEXT_LENGTH_WARN = 500;
private static final String TRANSLATION_APP = "com.google.android.apps.translate";


Just having the ability to easy copy the relevant information easily (long-press for instance) would be a huge step forward, as Google translate will pop up when new contents in the clipboard is detected, making it quite easy to open the translation from there.
But the biggest problem of all in GCDroid right now is that there's simply no way to copy the HINT, and when you're in the forest looking for that cache, and you see a two sentence long hint in french or some other foreign language, the only way to make sense if it now is to open the cache page in the browser, and copy the hint from there, and then into Google translate. The description I can copy from View as HTML in the application, although it's time consuming having to manually select all text and then copy. But the hint is not accessible from there.

Today Share log and then clicking Google Translate as the app to share to works decently for logs. But of course completely transparent right in the app would be great.